In Cambridge Biotics, we aim to investigate, explore and promote the demanded services, solutions and sale productions in emerging, and highly potential markets. Bridging the solutions and productions to these regional and international markets is a curious road walk and exploring the emerging markets for emerging solutions is following with us seriously. Our main theme of disseminating and promoting the solutions, services and productions in emerging markets is based on generic materials by joint licensing procedures. By using the proposed model, Partners of Cambridge Biotics have their abilities to use the opportunities of selling and representing their productions in the proposed markets. This aims to accelerate the market promotional services by the trusted parties to cover and respond the demands of delivering the pharmaceutical productions. Joint licensing partnerships do not cover the unclear and prohibited cases of pharmaceutical materials and restricted markets in the world.

Currently, Cambridge Biotics has the opportunity to supplying the regional market demands for more than 30 generic productions. For more information about the details of generics and how to plan a partnership, Feel free to drop us your notes. Our division members are available and happy to responding to your inquiries as quickly as possible.

Market Presence and Feasibility for Services and Productions 
 GCC Countries: Oman, UAE
 CIS Countries: Georgia, Azerbaijan
 Southeast Asia: China, Hong Kong

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