Data Streaming is playing a key role for the clinical experts, pharmacists and data analyzers who would like to gain more benefits from the data integration to applicable information processing cycles. Following up the streaming of data cycles regeneration, We have integrated quantitative and qualitative solutions to present the analytical information for APIs and pharma generic productions in live reports.  

Visualized data maps and sheets in matrix and graphical charts have an extreme effect to follow-up the pharmaceutics current and upcoming presence stages in clinical and market usages. Pure data sets have the opportunities to being analyzed and visualized in objective frames and facilitate the process of information analytics for the clinical and individual uses. In upper levels of data streaming supports, analytical visualization aims to support the data bridging to information. 

Assessing, checking and monitoring the latest developments of pharmaceutical production phases should be initiated in an ease of use and also a simplified framework. Since the laboratory tests to ensure the efficiency and safety of pharma productions, An applicable and agile process should handle the process updates as well as managing the registered and assigned records per production. Data analytical reports on emerging pharmaceutical APIs strongly help to maturing and programming the whole process of trial phases.  

How to Assess and Perform the Analysis?

Twelve indicators in three divisions of analytics are assessed and collected during analytical performances:

A) Product

  • Supplied Generics
  • Supplied Dosages 
  • Recalls 
  • Quality Check Approvals for APIs & Finished Productions
  • Clinical Trials 

B) Market

  • Annual Turnover
  • International Export Share
  • Domestic Market Share
  • Market Value

C) Technology

  • Patents & Grants Investments 
  • R&D (Clinical) Investments 
  • Emerging APIs Supplying

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