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  • More than clinical investigations on API's by "Emerging Pharmaceutics Top-Up Ranking" in order to providing an agile and AI-based sorting platform for the emerging released and produced pharmaceuticals based on the assessments of desired technical and market-oriented indicators. (Read more)
  • Cambridge Biotics has announced new services and productions for knowledge-based pharmaceutical solutions. (Read more)
  • Generic in-licensing partnership opportunities have been announced and Cambridge Biotics welcomes proposals and responses from potential partners. (Read more)
  • Cambridge Biotics visions to delivering good services to emerging and demanded markets have been promoted. (Read more)

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Up to $ 8 billion will invest in pharmacovigilance until 2024 and the major approach to decrease the risk of pharmaceutical productions side effects strongly relies on agile, interactive, multi-scale and applicable analytical tools to provide the best prediction analysis for pharmacovigilance activities. 

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